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Source of Success is a ministry which assists Caledonia-Mumford Middle Schoolers with homework, study skills, relationship building, and life skills.


In the homelike environment of the Gibson-Connor House, the program director and staff of volunteers provide:

  • A supervised block of time designated to the completion of homework and studying

  • Supervised access to computers

  • Caring volunteers who help students focus on schoolwork, prioritize tasks, and locate resources

  • Opportunity for students to feel part of a team and to make friends


From the Board of Directors. . .

"The Source of Success after-school program is the result of a dream to create a hands-on-mission in the Caledonia-Mumford community. What began as a project of the First Presbyterian Church has turned into a true collaboration, between church, the Caledonia-Mumford Middle School and the Cal-Mum community at large. It has taken the time, talents and contributions of many people to make this dream a reality."

Director Donna Howard

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