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Caledonia First Presbyterian Church was one of the earliest adopters of the Seasonal Team Model of worship leadership. In 2009, under the leadership the Honorably Retired Rev Nancy J. Reinert, our Session approved implementing a seasonal team model of worship planning through each of six liturgical seasons:

  • Advent/Christmas

  • Epiphany

  • Lent/Easter

  • Eastertide/Pentecost

  • Summer (first Sunday after Pentecost through the Sunday after Labor Day)

  • Harvest 

The Seasonal Team model allows fewer long-term commitments and wider participation and creativity in the life of our family of faith. Each team is responsible for all programming - including mission, worship, adult education, fellowship and stewardship - during that season.


Children’s Sunday School teachers work with each liturgical season’s team for lessons, special music, and children’s participation in worship. Team members volunteer for the season in which they want to participate based on the convenience of the calendar or their joy or interest in a particular season. All ages are encouraged to participate. Each team member brings talents, wisdom, enthusiasm, and an individual faith journey to the season. 

Our pastor serves as mentor and a resource to every team so that the team’s work is always based in scripture. Each team is coached by a facilitator, often an elder sitting on session. Along the way we have fun as we learn and grow in faith. 

Check the church’s monthly newsletters to explore how the liturgical seasons’ themes, worship creativity, education, and ministry unfold. We welcome you to join one of our seasonal teams.

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