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The Cal-Mum Food Pantry is a ministry of the Cal-Mum Council of Churches and the First Presbyterian Church of Caledonia and is located at the Second Baptist Church, 957 George Street, Mumford, NY 14511.


Serving the Cal-Mum School District residents, the Food Pantry provides a 7-10 day supply of food for those in need.


First Presbyterian Church supports the Cal-Mum Food Pantry by serving as a drop-off for food donations and through special offerings designated for the Food Pantry.


The Food Pantry is open every 4th Tuesday of the month; unless there is a major holiday such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas; and then food may be picked up the Tuesday before one of these holidays.

Director of the Food Pantry:  Deacon Robin Brooks

First Presbyterian Church Liaison: Louise B. Haskins


Should you need assistance please call Deacon Brooks at (585) 509-4770



Food is distributed on the second Tuesday of every Month at 6pm

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